5 Reasons why Consumers choose Aero Healthcare

1. United States Manufacturer and exporter

Our ISO134856 certification covers a huge range of First Aid & Medical Consumables. Support us and further American manufacturing today.

2. Commitment to a Customer experience you deserve

Aero Healthcare is committed to perfecting the art of serving our consumers with hundreds of dedicated distributor partners around the nation to ensure you get the right fit for your needs, whether it be purchasing online, in-store or on contract service agreements.

3. The Aero 100/100 quality guarantee

Purchasing Aero Healthcare products comes with a peace of mind that all products are 100% covered for 100 days should you wish to return them for any reason.

4. Consistent pricing

Operating globally we use our production volume to ensure you receive the best products at best value prices. This ensures you remain competitive with consistently high margins across our product ranges.

5. Leading Product Innovation

Our unrelenting passion for product innovation and packaging design sees developments such as our Supa-Bond adhesive technology and VEND packaging patents evolving our leading range of products.

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ABS50 Burn Application

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