Managed Kit

Assembled in USA
Looking to add serviced first aid kits to your business portfolio?
SureScan™ is a revolutionary Managed - Rental First Aid Restocking System that you can add to your existing service routes at a minimal startup cost. The SureScan™ Rental First Aid Restocking System is the easiest and quickest first aid kit service on the market. SureScan™ First Aid Kits use the highest standard of first aid consumables trusted by some of the world's largest brands.

The SureScan™ Managed - Rental First Aid Restocking System Features:

• Fastest and most accurate servicing globally
• 30,000 kits in North America with global distribution
• 30 Second Servicing Time
• RFID & Barcode Scanning Capabilities
• Patent Pending

How It Works

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Service representative performs onsite inspection.
- Used & Expired modules replaced.
- First aid liner exchanged.
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Used first aid liner scanned using SureScan™ RFID restocking system. All out of date & missing items are replaced.
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Restocked liner is brought back to customer’s first aid kit.

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