Voyager 10 Series – Nice First Aid Kit


Voyager 2 Series First Aid Kit


This first aid kit has been designed for easy storage in vehicles or in the home, with quality first aid products to treat minor and major injuries and burns.

This kit is available in 4 case options: a Tough Metal case, a Versatile Fabric Bag, a Weatherproof Case and a Nice Case – all our cases and bags are available with private labeling.
Nice_AK10AN Voyager 10 Series

This First Aid Kit comes fully stocked and as part of our Instant Restock system you can refill and service your client’s kits quickly with refill pouches designed to fit into each case type. They provide quick access to all product through a unique centre slit pocket without the need of unpacking each individual product.


AP10125 AEROPLAST Plastic Strip Bandage 3/4in x 3in 25
AT12 AEROPLAST Adhesive Tape 1/2in x 5.5 yds 1
AW8010 AEROWIPE Antiseptic Wipes 10
AB305B AEROBURN Burn Gel Packets 5
ACA10 AEROSWAB Cotton Tip Applicators 10
AGG001US AEROGUIDE First Aid Guide 1
APG75 AEROPAD Gauze Pad 3in x 3in 4
AF50 AEROFORM Conforming Gauze Bandage 2in x 4.3 yds 1
AGNPF02US AEROGLOVE Nitrile Gloves 4
ACD1223S AEROWOUND Wound Pad 5in x 9in 1
ABN10 AEROBAND Triangular Bandage 40in x 56in 1
AFP11 AEROINSTRUMENT Tweezers 4.25in 1
ASTA05US AEROSOOTHE Triple Antibiotic 0.5g 5
ASTA09US AEROSOOTHE Triple Antibiotic 0.5g 1
ATB130 AEROPLAST Thermal Blanket 55in x 83in 1
AEROKIT 10 Series Case 1


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