The Complete Responder 4-Shelf Cabinet

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  • One SKU Refills
  • SUPABOND™ — World’s Stickiest Bandage
  • Portable Injury Specific Kits
  • Meets ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 Class B compliance standards
  • treatment of bites & stings
  • relieves pain, itching & irritation
  • personal protection while performing lifesaving CPR
  • treatment of bruising, sprains, strains & muscle spasms
  • treatment of minor eye irritations & injuries
  • supports bone & sprain injury
  • treatment of emergency burns & scalds
  • treatment of minor cuts & scrapes
  • controls bleeding
  • prevents infection
  • removal of splinters & small foreign objects
  • medication for common workplace ailments
  • treatment of wounds
  • controls emergency bleeding
  • prevents infection
Code Item Pieces
AEKM02 4-Shelf Metal Cabinet 1
AGG001-I AEROGUIDE First Aid Guide 1
AKPBT01 AEROKIT Personal Burn Treatment Kit 4
AKPCPR01 AEROKIT Personal CPR Response Kit 1
AKPCS01 AEROKIT Personal Cuts & Scrapes Kit 4
AKPEI01 AEROKIT Personal Eye Injury Kit 4
AKPIC01 AEROKIT Personal Inst. Cold Therapy Kit 2
AKPMBL10 AEROKIT Personal Major Bleeding Kit 1
AKPMBU10 AEROKIT Personal Major Burn Care Kit 1
AKPST01 AEROKIT Personal Splinter Removal Kit 1
ATNA100-I AEROMED Non-Aspirin Tablets 1
AFP430-I AEROPLAST Premium Weight Fingertip 1
AFP350-I AEROPLAST Premium Weight Knuckle 1
AFP450-I AEROPLAST Premium Weight Large Fingertip 1
AFP506-I AEROPLAST Premium Weight Large Patch 1
AFP6015-I AEROPLAST Premium Weight X-Wide Strip 1
AR1060-I AEROSPLINT Padded Splint 4.25 x 24in 1
ATAN100-I AEROTAB Antacid Tablets 100/box 1
ATCO100-I AEROTAB Cold & Cough Relief Tablets 1
ATIB100-I AEROTAB Ibuprofen Tablets 1
ATPR100-I AEROTAB Pain Reliever Tablets 100/box 1
Product Code AKIS150BT
UPC # 00000000000
Unit Size length x height x width
Weight 000
Country of Origin Assembled in the USA
Suitable for Use specification iconspecification iconspecification iconspecification iconspecification icon
Compliance specification iconspecification iconspecification iconspecification iconspecification iconspecification icon