Regulations are Changing is Your CPR Smart Enough?

Regardless of how smart your CPR students may be, over 65% of them will be visual learners. This means that if you want your students to remember how to perform effective CPR in a lifesaving situation, the training needs to be as engaging as possible. The American Heart Association is updating their guidelines so that by January the 31st 2019 the AHA will require the use of an instrumented directive feedback device or manikin in all AHA courses that teach the skills of adult CPR. Developed in hospitals, pre-hospital, university and voluntary sectors, the Brayden Pro provides health care professionals with quantitative data-driven feedback so that the trainer can assess vital statistics of the trainee CPR in real time, not only that, using animated LED lights under the skin, your students will see the effect their CPR Compression Depth, Speed and Recoil have as the red LED lights respond to the quality of their technique.

by January the 31st 2019 the AHA will require the use of an instrumented directive feedback device or manikin in all AHA courses that teach the skills of adult CPR

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The Brayden Visual and Brayden Pro Manikin, meets the new AHA regulatory requirements for visual-audio feedback first aid. The Brayden Visual uses three sets fo integrated lamps to visualise the effect of CPR like no other manikin. This technology ensures your trainees get the best understanding from your training course and a better outcome in a time of need. All Brayden Manikins feature a unique 43kg (6.7 stone) chest resistance in order to provide the user with the most realistic experience.


The Brayden Pro – Taking Your Training to the next level

The Brayden Pro represents the pinnacle of CPR training technology. The Brayden Pro sends live data to the Brayden Pro App via Bluetooth to provide real-time feedback of CPR performance – this data can then be reviewed and analysed to improve the quality of CPR performance and provide a numeric, quantitative assessment. Up to 6 Brayden Pro’s can be connected to 1 device allowing for simultaneous training and assessment. Records can be stored and easily exported via Email for easy analysis on your Spreadsheet program.

The Brayden Pro and Brayden Visual CPR Manikins lets your students see the real point of CPR – getting blood flowing to the brain and other organs.


Winner of the 2016 iF Design Award for Medicine & Health, this essential visual learning tool instantly reinforces CPR Trainers instructions to students. The Brayden CPR Manikin’s dual modes help structure CPR training: from learning effective CPR to perfecting CPR technique, in accordance with ARC guidelines.

The powerful quantitative live data on the Brayden Pro combined with the unique led visual feedback means that you’re not only treating your students to the best training that science can offer, but you’re also setting your CPR apart. The Brayden LED and Pro make CPR training more engaging, fun and powerful so that in that time of crisis, your students will know what to do!

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